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Vigor Group - Shaanxi Aobang Casting Co.,Ltd. Founded in July 2007, certified by TS 16949: 2009, ISO 9001-2008 and GJB-Z9001 quality system. The company has its independent and complete production lines of Pre-coated sand casting, Die forging and Machining. Established a Modern Cloud Management Production Center with the professional quality control system. Imported the advanced inspection equipment of Direct-Reading Spectrograph, CMM, 30 Tons of MCEHS Microcomputer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Tester, Digital Metallographic Analyzer from Germany. And get ready to cater for the new opportunities and challenges.

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Hot Products

  • Brake Motor Castings
    Brake Motor Castings
    Application: Explosion proof brake motor / Flame proof brake motor
    Production process: Pre-coated sand casting
    Material: Ductile Iron QT400-18 (material grade as per customer’s...
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  • Air Chamber Bracket
    Air Chamber Bracket
    Application: Automobile Brake System
    Production process: Pre-coated sand casting
    Material: QT450-10 (or as per customer’s request) Tolerance can meet: ISO 8062...
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  • Valve Castings
    Valve Castings
    Application: Valve
    Production process: Investment Casting / Pre-coated Sand Casting
    Material: Carbon Steel (material grade as per customer’s request)
    Casting Tolerance: ISO...
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  • Steering Knuckle
    Steering Knuckle
    Application: Vehicle Steering Axle
    Production process: Precision Die Forging
    Material: 42CrMo (or as per customer’s request)
    QMS/Qualification: TS16949
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  • Gear Shafts
    Gear Shafts
    Application: Brake Motor / Gearboxr
    Production process: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Gear Shaping, Vacuum Heat treatment, Quenching, Grinding and 100% Inspection
    Material: Alloy...
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  • Turbocharger Impellers
    Turbocharger Impellers
    Application: Turbocharger
    Production process: 5 Axis Machining Center
    Material: Al-Alloy, Ti-Alloy, Stainless Steel (material grade as per customer’s request)
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